Specification of Additive Manufacturing (AM) Parts for Purchase

Online, Instructor-Led

Online, Instructor-Led

Course Description

The procurement of additively manufactured (3D printed) components requires a high level of information exchange along the entire process chain. Particularly when purchasing additive manufacturing (AM) components, there is often a great deal of uncertainty regarding the requirements and information necessary to achieve a good result without the need for further complex coordination.

During the training course, we also discuss, whether make or buy is the right solution for your parts, your situation and the company situation. You will receive a lot of useful information and background knowledge, which should be taken into account when making such a decision.

The workshop interactively highlights situations in which efficient communication is indispensable. On the basis of current standards and guidelines, you will be given a tool with which you will be well prepared for the future (external) allocation of print orders or other services along the additive process chain.

Course Benefits

  • You will be given extensive, product-specific compact knowledge about purchasing and data exchange in the additive manufacturing area
  • You will get to know standards and guidelines with the help of which you can approach the topic systematically
  • You gain an understanding of the process steps required from the design of the component to the final result

Who Will Benefit

The target group of the workshop/training are buyers, quality managers, consultants and all other persons who are active at the interfaces between suppliers and customers of additive manufacturing (AM) Parts.

Course Agenda

  • Additive manufacturing basics relevant for purchasing
    • What is additive manufacturing (AM)?
    • Additive manufacturing technologies
    • Additive manufacturing materials
    • Use cases
    • The additive manufacturing ecosystem
  • Decision in purchasing - Make or Buy
    • Make or Buy/Digression Part Assessment
    • Decisions
  • Framework documents/standards for purchasing
    • General information on standardization
    • Relevant standards for purchasing
  • Correct specification of additive manufacturing components/services
    • ISO/ASTM 52901 - Requirements for purchased additive manufacturing parts (Essential for the purchaser!)
    • Process chain according to DIN SPEC 17071 and beyond
    • Problem case "digital data" and TÜV SÜD Part Report


Ideally, first experiences in additive manufacturing (AM).


1 Day


9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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