Quality and Production Management in Additive Manufacturing (AM)

Online, Instructor-Led

Online, Instructor-Led

Course Description

Quality management as an umbrella term for organizational measures to improve process quality plays a major role in additive manufacturing (AM). In addition to the measures generally known from existing quality management standards, such as a clear definition of roles and processes or the creation of clear communication structures, process specific aspects must also be taken into account in additive manufacturing. High complexity, a partial lack of general standards and little staff experience are just some of the aspects to be mentioned here.

The aim of this training is to enable the participating quality manager or production manager to implement a high quality level in additive manufacturing production in a targeted manner. The training is very practice-oriented and includes the typical hurdles for an implementation as well as suitable measures to avoid them.

Reproducibility of the process is ensured by implementing the corresponding processes and clearly defining the roles involved. Along the entire value chain, there are advantages such as compliance with health and safety regulations, the implementation of a continuous improvement culture or the identification of optimization potential.

The training enables you to implement an additive manufacturing-specific quality management approach in your company. This achieves a high level of quality for your customers and creates the basis for reproducible additive manufacturing (AM) series production.

Course Benefits

  • You will learn comprehensive, product-specific compact knowledge on the subject of quality management in additive manufacturing.
  • You will receive practical examples of how quality management can be implemented.
  • You can assess related areas such as standardization and health and safety for additive manufacturing (AM).

Course Agenda

  • Introduction to Additive Manufacturing Processes and Industrialization
    • Additive manufacturing basics and seven additive manufacturing processes
    • Necessity of additive manufacturing-specific standards
  • Company Management
    • Implementation of additive manufacturing strategy
    • Positioning in the additive manufacturing market
    • Supply chain management
  • Production Management
    • Production planning
    • Material handling
    • Consumption and spare part management
  • Sales and Project management within Additive Manufacturing
    • Additive manufacturing value sales enablement
    • Part requirement verification
    • Management and fulfillment of agreed requirements
  • Additive Manufacturing
    • Hardware requirements
    • System operation
    • Production control
  • Post-Processing
    • System related post processing
    • Part related post processing
    • Component testing and delivery


Ideally, initial experience in additive manufacturing (AM), otherwise the “additive manufacturing basics” training at TÜV SÜD is recommended.


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