Introduction to VDA ISA and TISAX®

Online, Self-Paced Course

Online, Self-Paced Course

Course Description

For companies to cooperate effortlessly, they rely on exchanging information, such as contract data or personal details of the contact partner – i.e. sensitive data that must not be made accessible to everyone.

Numerous automotive manufacturers from all over the world require a TISAX® label from their suppliers and service providers for collaboration. This outlines the information security requirements in the automotive industry and serves as a guarantee that information can be exchanged securely. In this self-paced online training course, we provide you with an initial overview of the VDA ISA industry standard and the TISAX® assessment and exchange mechanism.

Course Benefits

In this self-paced online training you will get a general overview:

  • Why information security is so important,
  • What is behind TISAX® and why it makes sense to
  • How a TISAX® exam (assessment) works and who is involved in it,
  • Which requirements companies have to meet for the TISAX® testing process.

Who Will Benefit?

This e-learning course is specially designed for:

  • Managers
  • Management representatives
  • Specialists

Learning Objectives

You will be aware of the purpose and use TISAX®

You will be familiar with the requirements of TISAX®

You will know the procedure for a TISAX® assessment

Course Agenda

General information on TISAX®

  • What is the background behind TISAX®?
  • How did VDA ISA and TISAX® evolve and why are they useful?

The TISAX® assessment process

  • Who are the parties involved in the TISAX® process?
  • What is the procedure for a TISAX® assessment?
  • How do I conduct a self-assessment?

TISAX® requirements

  • Who assumes responsibility for the TISAX® process?
  • How do I sensitize my employees to the TISAX® process?
  • How do I prevent mistakes in the assessment process?
  • Which legal and contractual provisions must I adhere to?
  • Which internal guidelines and regulations should I pay attention to?

Course Requirements

For a smooth running of the online training, a high-performance Internet connection and a standard PC are necessary. In order to be able to provide you with access, a personal e-mail address is required.


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