Optimise your energy consumption and save cost through our energy audit services

Optimise your energy consumption and save cost through our energy audit services

WHAT IS Energy Audit?

Energy Audit is a systematic way of evaluating your energy consumption against best practices available and benchmarking it according to your industry type. Energy audit begins with a thorough evaluation of existing energy consumption pattern and determine ways to reduce the specific energy consumption (SEC). It ends with an assessment that proposes measures to conserve energy, quantify the saving potential for each of the proposed measures along with the costs and return on investment.


The world is moving towards energy conservation, energy sustainability and clean energy concepts. Under such scenario, every unit of energy saved will directly contribute to profitability of the business and contribute to carbon footprint reduction.

TO reduce specific energy consumption by suggesting energy saving potential in yOUR facility

TÜV SÜD has qualified energy auditors and experts from the field to provide energy saving solutions for our clients. Our experts study your energy consumption pattern to identify opportunities for energy conservation and provide suggestions to establish an energy management program and methods to reduce energy. In-depth analysis will be done to identify measures to save energy and provide insights on investment opportunity with payback period.

WHAT DO Energy Audit Services INVOLVE?

TÜV SÜD provides independent and impartial assessment of your energy consumption and provide opportunities to save energy in a systematic way. Subject domain experts will be utilised for data analysis. The opportunities for saving energy could be achieved by making minor changes in operating parameters, notable changes in operating procedures, making small investments and making large capital investments. Detailed pay back calculations based on the feasibilities for large capital investments will be submitted along with the report.

The first part of our energy audit is to draw out a baseline of energy consumption in the facility under audit. Upon finalising the baseline, various energy conservation measures are articulated and the potential savings in energy and cost are computed. The same exercise is repeated in frequent intervals to have progressive and continual improvement. Our sustainable approach can have a materially beneficial effect on the operation and value of your assets.

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