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Rethinking Standardisation for Infectious Diseases in Non-Sewered Sanitation Systems



The global sanitation crisis requires groundbreaking solutions backed by trusted performance standards. Learn from the team that led the development of ISO 30500,  non-sewered sanitation systems — Prefabricated integrated treatment units — General safety and performance requirements for design and testing, since 2016 with a group of international experts for non-sewered sanitation systems.

About the Microbiology in ISO 30500

Understand how technical performance standards (ISO 30500) develop the performance requirements critical to ensure unbiased evaluation of innovative technologies in non-sewered sanitation. One of ISO 30500 main purposes is to safeguard people from infectious diseases caused by unclean water and hazardous sanitation conditions.



With TUV SUD’s expertise in testing, inspection, and certification, coupled with our expertise in ISO 30500 and other standards in the sanitation sector, we can assist you in developing a structure and plan towards getting your system certified. This thorough, step-wise approach reduce time to certification and potential risks of certification failure. TÜV SÜD’s free on-demand webinar will provide you insights of ISO 30500 and highlighting topics such as mechanical, air emissions, noise, odour and electrical parameters under the controlled laboratory testing, specifically developed by the ISO 30500 committee focusing on noise and odour clauses and technical details.


Our webinar will tackle these points, focusing on:

• Participants will be introduced to the microbiology parameters, technical methods and thresholds.

• Understand ISO 30500’s impact on human health and environmental sustainability

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