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Lift safety and predictive maintenance solution webinar



TÜV SÜD's Lift Manager is an independent predictive maintenance service that leverages on our lift domain and digital expertise to support your lift operation and maintenance. It uses Bosch IO sensors and IoT platform, and can be used with lifts of any age, brand and model, including existing lift in service.

Get to know how you can have full transparency of your lift operations and maintenance with our Lift Manager solution which fits all lifts regardless of their age, brand and model. Our predictive maintenance approach allows building owners, operators and regulatory bodies to change from reactive to proactive management of their lifts operations and maintenance to bring about a digital transformation for the lift industry.


Your benefits

• Increase lift reliability and the safety of passengers
• Saving on your lift operation and maintenance cost
• Potentially reduce lift maintenance visits and hence, reducing labour cost for maintenance
• Lift Manager works on all brands and models of lifts, regardless of age, on a single platform
• Better transparency and control over lift operation and maintenance
• Fully digitise the lift lift cycle as part of your smart building



• Domain based Approach for Lift Predictive Maintenance
• Overview of Lift Manager Solution
• Benefits of Predictive Maintenance for Lift
• Next step: The Future of a Digitalised Lift Industry
• Questions & Answers

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