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Delivering real business benefits across key segments

Delivering real business benefits across key segments


Tyre testing and assessment services include tests for rolling resistance, energy efficiency, rolling noise and road performance (e.g. braking, handling) on various surface conditions. These tests are important for manufacturers to ensure compliance to stringent quality and safety requirements to export their tyres to the EU. Following the introduction of EU tyre labels, new regulations now enforce this additional requirement. As today’s consumers have become more knowledgeable about tyre safety and efficiency the EU tyre label makes it easy for customers to compare tyres in terms of wet grip, fuel efficiency and noise.


Rolling resistance-optimised, filigree tyres made from increasingly sustainable material mixes. "Smart tyres" that transmit condition data to the cloud. Run-flat tyres that continue to drive even if they lose air pressure. Sustainability and product resilience are the focus of the tyre industry. This is why UN ECE Regulation No. 117 has been fundamentally revised. The second series of amendments to UN ECE-R117 came into force in 2011. It regulates, among other things, limit values for the rolling noise of tyres, for grip on wet road surfaces when braking and minimum requirements for tyre properties about energy efficiency (here: rolling resistance) or for use as M+S tyres under extreme snow conditions.

The amendment to UN ECE-R117 with the 03 series of amendments no longer only regulates the minimum requirements for tires when new, but also specifies minimum requirements such as limit values for grip on wet roads until the end of a tire's life. For this purpose, new tires must be artificially set to the condition of worn tires up to near the wear limit.

TÜV SÜD has the know-how and resources, such as test vehicles and tire test trailers, to carry out the necessary tests for the minimum requirements for worn tires in accordance with the amendment to UN ECE-R117. If you want to learn more about the In ECE-R117 watch our video below:



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