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Nuclear power plant licensing

Ensure nuclear safety from the onset

Ensure nuclear safety from the onset

What is nuclear power plant licensing and why is it important?

Licensing is one of the first and most crucial steps in ensuring a safe and secure nuclear power plant (NPP) project. National regulations and standards that govern the issuance of the licenses help to mitigate risk and increase public acceptance of NPPs by identifying all internal and external safety factors that pose potential risks to the general public and environment. Developers and operators have to show technical and environmental compliance to these regulations from the onset to obtain the license.

TÜV SÜD helps to ensure the safety of your nuclear power plant project from the onset

TÜV SÜD provides objective and impartial technical advisory for NPPs, backed by our experience which encompasses all international and various national standards, guidelines and procedures for nuclear power generation. By adopting an integrated approach, we ensure a top-level view of the safety, availability and reliability of all structures, systems and components (SSC).

Our nuclear power plant licensing services include:

  • Advisory services for authorities

  • Setup of a supervisory structure
  • Development of licensing process
  • Determination of the quality and scope of documents necessary for licensing
  • Establishment of a quality management system
  • Quality assurance for all mechanical, electrical and I&C components
  • Assessment of documentation

  • Assessment and advisory services for authorities
    • Siting and plant concepts
    • Independent safety assessments
    • Certification of mechanical, electrical and I&C components
    • On-site inspections
    • Control of documentation and reports
  • Advisory and technical expertise for developers and operators
    • Safety assessments
    • External and internal hazard analyses
    • Quality assurance
    • Safety and environmental advisory based on national regulations and standards including NUREG, ASME, German KTA standards, UK standards, KEPIC in Korea, GOST in Russia or RCC-M in France
  • Training

    We provide training for staff of authorities, nuclear facilities and other related parties.


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