IoT Threat Modelling Workshop

ABOUT IoT Threat Modelling 

Internet of Things (IoT) products are susceptible to a large range of cyber attacks. In order to lower to risk and potential cost of cyber attacks, threat modelling in the early development of IoT products will help to lower the cyber security risks of the product. Threat modelling is optmising network and devices by identifying threat and vulnerabilities ,and defining the countermeasure to mitigate the risk of cyber attacks. 

About TR 64:2018 Guidelines for IoT security for smart nation

TR 64:2018 introduces the foundational cybersecurity concept for IoT systems and the holistic approach to identifying and mitigating the threats and vulnerabilities that are common in IoT systems. This standard also provides guidelines on how to conduct threat modelling for IoT and how to classify IoT security requirements.


  • IoT development teams 
  • Testing team
  • Design/marketing team
  • System integrator
  • System owner
  • Incident response and quality teams

Through this workshop, you will understand how to identify your assets, map the attach surfaces, define acceptable risk level and set security objectives. The topics in this workshop are based of the TR 64:2018 Guidelines for IoT Security for Smart Nation. 


In this workshop, you will gain the knowledge of what is threat modelling of IoT products and how to implement it following the guidelines set out by TR 64:2018.

  • Identify the target of protection
  • Define the security problem 
  • Conduct risk assessment 
  • Determine the security objectives
  • Define the security requirements
  • Design the required capabilities to address the requirements 
  • Validate and verify that the capabilities addressed the requirements sufficiently

This workshop will take place in the span of 2 days where we will introduce the principles of TR 64:2018 guidelines to you. To enhance your learning experience and understanding, this workshop can be customised to the actual project of your organisation.

*This workshop is not applicable to medical device manufacturers. 

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