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TÜV SÜD used car pricing tool

Quickly determine the optimal used car price with our software

Quickly determine the optimal used car price with our software

What is a used car pricing tool?

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Determining the value of a used car is not always an easy task, as its value depends on many factors, such as model, mileage, features or the condition of the vehicle. To make this task easier for you, we have developed a car pricing tool, which in a few simple steps will provide you with an estimate of the actual price of your used vehicles.

Offer prices are created based on comparative data from the various used car exchanges. The used car pricing software checks market prices quickly, a task that would take a long time if done manually. In addition, the standardised search procedure ensures uniform pricing in all branches, providing more transparency and process reliability.

Why choose our used car pricing software?

The purchase and sales price calculation for used cars is an important but time-consuming task. This valuable time could be used by the salesperson for other important tasks. However, almost every salesperson uses their own calculation scheme to determine prices, which leads to an inefficient pricing policy and lower profits.

Our pricing tool allows you to keep uniform standardised processes for current purchase and
sales pricing for all your used cars. According to our experience, if our tool is used consistently, an additional profit of around €300 to €500 per vehicle is possible after just three months. With our used car pricing tool, you can determine the optimal purchase and sales price for your used cars, prevent miscalculations, save valuable time, and increase your earnings.

The process of how the car pricing tool works

The main features and advantages of the used car pricing tool in detail

Our used car pricing software offers a wide range of features and benefits to offer the greatest transparency and process for used car dealers:

  • Reliable, market-driven calculations of purchase and sales prices
  • Fast price calculations in just 10 minutes
  • Vehicle and equipment-specific price determination
  • Achievement of highest possible prices
  • Automated creation of print templates for your customised price tags
  • Automatic price adjustment 30-60-90
  • Uniform calculation guidelines for homogeneous pricing
  • Increased price control
  • Higher process stability

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