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Efficient used vehicle order management

With our online vehicle order tracking system TAM we support you in optimising your vehicle order management

With our online vehicle order tracking system TAM we support you in optimising your vehicle order management

How can we support you with your vehicle order management with our tool called TAM?

With our vehicle order management system tool TAM, we can support you in the coordination and management of your decentralised orders. By using our online platform TAM, we control your order management nationwide on your behalf. Our in-house scheduling department can monitor the processing of all your orders in real time: an alert system based on the traffic light principle ensures that we are always up-to-date and that your orders are processed on time. This provides you with the highest level of transparency and security for your business.

Why is it important to efficiently track and manage your vehicle orders?

Managing and controlling the status of your orders is not always easy but becomes more important in an age where technology is more powerful than ever. To keep the overview in a time when online activities and sales is increasing a modern digitisation process is needed. With our vehicle order management software, we can ensure that you keep the overview of all your vehicle orders, thus providing you greatest transparency throughout your sales process.

Thanks to our vehicle order tracking tool TAM, our agents take care of your order tracking process in real time. Thus, supports you in saving time and giving your customers the best service possible.

Our vehicle order tracking system in detail

Screenshot of TAM, our vehicle order tracking system

TAM controls the entire process, from the commissioning to the production and final transmission of the appraisal across all instances. Within the sub-process of TAM, the order acceptance as well as the data delivery of the created appraisal photos are carried out by our agents.

Our expert agents follow the different steps of the process to ensure that your vehicle order tracking and management is handled as efficiently as possible.

The main benefits you achieve with comprehensive and high-quality order management support

We support you in effective used vehicle order management using our back-end system TAM. This provides you with various benefits:

  • Control your vehicle management orders nationwide by working with a competent partner
  • Achieve transparency and safety by monitoring all your orders in real-time
  • Reduce the time it took between placing a customer order and delivering the vehicle
  • Increase customer trust and satisfaction by ensuring customer orders are processed in time

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