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Digital Vehicle Scan (DVS)

A new way of efficient vehicle damage detection for leasing companies and car dealers

A new way of efficient vehicle damage detection for leasing companies and car dealers

What is the Digital Vehicle Scan (DVS)?

TÜV SÜD's Digital Vehicle Scan (DVS) is nothing less than a revolution for fleet operators, leasing companies and car dealerships. Where previously an employee had to walk around the vehicle during inspections to record its condition, cameras now record everything fully automatically – even tyre pressure and tyre tread depth. By scanning the number plate, the data can be directly assigned to the corresponding vehicle. This all happens within a few seconds of passing through the drive-through gate.

The DVS technology allows the entire service and acceptance process to be completely reinvented. The system digitises, simplifies and accelerates the returns of leasing and rental vehicles, car handovers and all other routine checks. This creates a completely new experience level called service lobby, in which the driver can experience the vehicle inspection scan digitally in a pleasant atmosphere.

Why choose digital vehicle scanning for your business?

In addition to faster turnaround times, for example, when taking back lease returns, the system offers seamless documentation and integration of data. The service reception in the car dealership or car rental stations is revolutionised by the technology, and operations team have more time for personal support of the customers through this automated solution.

Logistics service providers and car rental companies can use digital car scanning to keep an eye on the condition of their fleet daily. Damage can thus be defined in terms of time and precisely assigned. Another advantage of this method is that the digital analysis is unbiased, objective, and therefore legally compliant.

Truck driving into the digital vehicle scanning equipment
  • DVS facilitates and speeds up your fleet and vehicle management
  • Quickly check of the vehicle's condition, damages and repair demand within 10-30 seconds
  • Automated and digitised dialogue reception and vehicle return process
  • Vehicle sizes from compact car over truck to double decker bus possible
  • Collection, evaluation and documentation of the data by a powerful software

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TÜV SÜD is your reliable partner for vehicle damage detection

With over 100 years of experience providing safe mobility solutions around the world, TÜV SÜD has a long history in transportation and safety in all areas of the automotive industry. Our numerous interdisciplinary experts leverage this experience and knowledge to provide you with complete solutions for vehicle damage detection and used car management, ensuring your business is ready for future mobility needs. We are well known as an independent and completely neutral third-party inspection service provider with a focus on providing value. Our customer-focused approach to quality and safety results in solutions provide long-term value to your business and helps you to minimize operational, occupational and safety risks.

Digital Vehicle Scan (DVS) in detail

The Digital Vehicle Scan combines safety and quality in the shortest possible time. This technology allows the detection of vehicle damage and records the results in just a few seconds. The data is obtained by several cameras and is digitally recorded and evaluated. Bodywork, underbody, tyres and all other parts are recorded in a maximum of 30 seconds. This way, any condition or need for repair are reported in the shortest time in the dialogue acceptance and vehicle return departments.

The system is scalable, can be added with further services such as anonymisation and adapts to your individual requirements and possibilities. In the process, all kinds of vehicles can be scanned: cars, trucks, buses, vans and tractors - the three variants of the Digital Vehicle Scan are suitable for all vehicle sizes. The device can be purchased from TÜV SÜD and installed on-site in a purpose-built or existing building, or it can be operated by TÜV SÜD for the customer.

Currently there are three available options of our digital vehicle scanner:

  • DVS Indoor
  • DVS Mobil
  • DVS Outdoor

How does our digital vehicle scanner work?

It only takes a few seconds from passing the entry barrier to the complete capture. First, the vehicle's registration number is automatically recorded and compared with the database.

View of a car and the digital vehicle scannig equipment

The scan is carried out using up to 20 high-performance cameras designed for special applications. After a vehicle has been scanned, the measurement is available on DVS's own user interface for further evaluation or can optionally be transferred to downstream systems through intelligent interface solutions. At the same time, the condition of the vehicle is recorded, and any damage is documented.

The Digital Vehicle Scan in all three variants is the perfect solution for a comprehensive service and vehicle documentation and monitoring for cars of all kinds - from lease returns, car sharing vehicles and rental cars to private vehicles.

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