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Cybersecurity should be a priority for every company

Companies want to take advantage of the increased efficiencies, high flexibility and cutting-edge innovation that digitisation brings. However, to their detriment, many companies have not taken the threat of internet-based attacks seriously enough. An incident involving malware or ransomware can halt business within minutes, and cost an organisation thousands of dollars to rectify. And the reputational damage of an IT security breach, especially if it involves personal customer data, is devastating.

Cybersecurity and digitisation are two sides of the same coin 

With increased digitisation, there is a potential increase in the opportunities for cyber attacks. That’s why every company needs to take cybersecurity seriously and invest in measures to defend both their physical and intellectual property. To guarantee the best possible level of protection, digital security should be “built in” to every product, underlying business processes and at every organizational level, including global supply chains. By creating effective, secure barriers against threats and attacks, companies can win the battle against cyber risks.

The overall message is simple: Investing in cybersecurity gives organisations a competitive advantage and enables them to be market leaders in their respective industries.

Why invest in cybersecurity?

Companies cannot just rely on the basic level security tools delivered with IT infrastructure and software. Today, cyber attacks are more sophisticated, targeted and effective than ever before. A holistic and overarching approach is the needed to ensure the highest levels of cybersecurity; an approach that not only secures physical infrastructure, IT hardware, and applications, but also educates and empowers employees to ensure any cybersecurity threats are minimised or even eliminated.

Investing in cybersecurity infrastructure, having corporate cybersecurity policies and certification, as well as promoting employee awareness, allows companies to proactively minimise threats. By protecting customer data, corporate intellectual property and essential infrastructure, companies can plan the digitisation of their business with confidence and take full advantage of the opportunities that await.

Cybersecurity specifically tailored to your industry needs

TÜV SÜD’s experts are specialists in cybersecurity advisory, assessment, training, audit, and certification. From cyber risk assessments and cybersecurity training, to carrying out security certification projects, our industry experts have successfully helped companies to improve their cybersecurity. With a structured approach to cybersecurity services developed from many years of experience, domain specific know-how and regulatory expertise, TÜV SÜD offers support to companies across a range of sectors. By helping organisations with compliance to global security standards, TÜV SÜD has ensured our clients have access to markets across the world.

TÜV SÜD’s scope of cyber security activities: automotive, transportation, manufacturing, buildings & elevators, pharma, medical devices, energy, consumer products & retail and processing industries


Cybersecurity and data protection are part of our core competencies. From risk analysis, to the elimination of security vulnerabilities and the overall resilience of your business operations, TÜV SÜD is at your side at every step.

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