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One stop solution

One stop solution

Wearable technology is quickly becoming a part of our everyday life. This can be seen through the widely used fitness tracker to the less common variety of wearables, E-textile. The wearable technology is designed to be worn close to the body. With the explosive growth of fitness trackers and E-Textile Wearables, the safety and reliability of the product has become more and more important. 

The importance of Wearable testing and certification

As wearable technology is made to be worn, the safety and reliability of the product is very important to safeguard the users. As technology quickly becomes widely adopted, it is important to ensure that these wearable products comply to regulations and certified to be safe for use. 

Our one stop solution for Wearable manufacturers

TUV SUD PSB is a one stop solution for your testing and certification needs. Our range of services will take you from product design, to testing, certification, and country approvals. Below is our range of services at a glance.

  • Pre-Test Services - review your product against the applicable test standard
  • Harmful chemicals test – testing for chemicals that might be harmful to the user (e.g. adverse skin reactions)
  • Battery test - battery specific electrical safety standards and performance testing
  • Heart Rate Accuracy test - by PPG to verify and confirm the accuracy in picking up the heart rate
  • Chemical Exposure test - test the effect of different kinds of common household chemicals
  • Safety, EMC, Wireless test
  • Dust and Water-resistant test (up to IP68 rating)
  • Drop test
  • Sweat corrosion test 
  • E-Textile Abrasion & Washability test

Why choose TÜV SÜD? 

Our experts can help you meet necessary requirements for your wearable products. TÜV SÜD can conduct a wide range of electrical safety, EMC, wireless, chemical safety and reliability testing in our own fully-accredited laboratory. Our engineers have many years of experience in testing, for a wide variety of wearable products, and our reports are well recognized in many regions of the world, including: Europe, North America, Japan, Australia, China, Canada, and many more. We also have a dedicated global market access team that have the experience to support our customers to market their product in their target markets of choice with less hassle and faster turnaround time, making us a one stop solution for our customers.

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