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Enabling sustainable mobility solutions

Enabling sustainable mobility solutions

“To ensure safe market entry for hydrogen vehicles and components, they need to be assessed and tested according to required market regulations. While regulations provide legally binding type approval requirements, the recent withdrawal of Regulation (EC) 79/2009 means that some components (e.g., pressure regulator) will be left without any applicable regulation. In our opinion, the regulatory gap needs to be closed to further ensure safe market entry of hydrogen-powered vehicles.”


Martin Sekura, Hydrogen Business Development Manager, TÜV SÜD


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Our service portfolio includes testing, approval, and certification services for e-mobility, H2 vehicles & infrastructure, e-fuels and zero & low emission vehicle topics. Explore the service areas below to learn more. If you’re looking for a specific service not currently listed, please contact our team directly. To find out more about our portfolio of sustainability services, click here

Hydrogen technologies as alternative drives in the railway sector.
hydrogen energy solutions
Services that provide safety assessment, inspection, and certification services for H2 mobility and infrastructure.
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Enhance your Corporate Social Responsibility practices with TÜV SÜD
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Creating a sustainable future

The transportation sector and its industries are facing challenging emission reduction targets to contribute to the sectors overall greenhouse gas reduction goals. As almost all transportation modes today are relying on fossil fuels it will be a massive transformation towards electric drive trains.


The transformation has to be managed while both propulsion types are still in development, optimized combustion engines, battery electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles.  


At TÜV SÜD, we’re committed to support our customers in their goal to develop safe, reliable and highly performant cars, trucks, trains and motorcycles. Change of technology also means a new regulatory framework that needs to be matched especially with electric drive trains and its infrastructure. TÜV SÜD has a long standing experience in all related drive train technologies.



When you work with us, you will access:



Sustainability icon Global and interdisciplinary industry expertise

We guide our customers through the entire product or vehicle life cycle from the concept to the market entrance and aftermarket services. A global network of experts can help to ensure that you remain compliant with all regulatory aspects of your project. Our interdisciplinary experience can translate across the transportation industries, bridging prior technical knowledge with e-mobility solutions.



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Confidence in the safety and reliability of new mobility solutions

The increase of sustainable mobility solutions is triggering questions of safety and reliability. At TÜV SÜD, we’re prepared to helping foster trust between partners and the market within the context of safety, performance, and reliability of the product. We aim to ensure that safety and performance are the same or better than conventional vehicles.




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Ensure safety, reliability, and longevity in new mobility solutions. Contact us to learn how TÜV SÜD experts can support your sustainable journey.

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