The journey continues – ISO 9001



The decision is made. You have a business management system strategy. Leaders are committed – they “get” what it is they have to do and understand their part in the journey ahead. Now what needs to be done?

Building on the previous webinars “Unlocking the potential: ISO 9001: a beginners guide” and “The Journey Starts… building the Business Management System part one”, this webinar continues to discuss some of the essential elements and approaches that should be considered as organisations move onto the next stage of the journey towards a world class business management system that just so happens to meet the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015
The Core processes have been mapped and leadership has started work on its obligations, the journey continues!

Who is this webinar Aimed at?

  • Organisational Leaders
  • Quality Mangers
  • Quality personnel
  • Process owners


Richard King-Davies
Lead Auditor and Project Manager

10 years of industrial experience in the offshore hydro carbon industry, Nuclear fuel reprocessing and power generation industries performing a variety of inspection activities. 21 years as a Lead auditor for management systems.

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