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Erosion Modelling with CFD

How to assess the measurement error in a flow meter due to erosion

Sand is an inevitable by-product from the majority of fields in the oil and gas industry. It is problematic because under certain circumstances it can lead to rapid deterioration in pipe integrity, loss of containment and reduce life-span of equipment. Erosion can significantly impact metrology integrity which in turn produces inaccurate meter readings with fiscal implications for both operators and taxation authorities.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is an invaluable tool to model erosion in three dimensions, providing an understanding of how meters and piping perform at field conditions. CFD analysis allows for comprehensive information and insight that may otherwise be difficult or expensive to obtain through physical testing.


  • How CFD can be used to evaluate the error in a DP meter
  • Key factors that contribute to erosion
  • How erosion is modelled in Computational Fluid Dynamics

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