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Thailands Ministry of Industry established new Industrial Standard

Posted by: Charlotte Pemberton-Bennetts Date: 30 May 2023

Regulatory Update: Thailand’s Ministry of Industry established new Industrial Standard TIS 60335 -2(65).

The Thai Ministry of Industry announced the issuance of Industrial Standard TIS 60335 Part 2(65)-2564 on Household and Similar Electrical Appliances - Safety: Particular Requirements for Air-Cleaning Appliances, in accordance with the Industrial Product Standards Act.
The Standard applies to air-cleaning appliances for household and similar purposes, with rated voltage up to 250 V for single-phase appliances and 480 V for other electrical appliances.
This Standard covers the safety of electric appliances that are not for household use but can be dangerous to the public. These include appliances for shops, light industry and farms, such as hair dryers, heaters and dehumidifiers.
This Standard does not apply to:
Electrical appliances intended exclusively for industrial purposes.
Electrical appliances intended for use in special circumstances, such as corrosive or explosive atmosphere (dust, vapour or gas).
Air-cleaning systems incorporated in the building structure.

The standard came into force on 5th May 2023.

The publication can be found here.

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