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Selling WiFi 6E Products Globally

Posted by: Charlotte Pemberton-Bennetts Date: 22 Mar 2023

Selling WiFi 6E Products Globally

WiFi 6E is one of the latest iterations of the WiFi standard, which operates in the 6 GHz frequency band. The addition of this band to WiFi technology has significantly increased the available spectrum for wireless communication, leading to higher speeds, lower latency, and improved overall performance.

Although WiFi 7 has also now been announced, WiFi 6E is still a valuable investment for manufacturers and users alike given that WiFi 7 is still in the early stages of development and acceptance by regulators worldwide. WiFi 6E is still gaining momentum and is expected to be the new standard for wireless technology for the next few years.

With the increasing demand for data-intensive applications and the proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, WiFi 6E is poised to revolutionise the way we connect to the internet and interact with technology. Global manufacturers and industry leaders are actively developing and releasing new products and services to leverage the benefits of WiFi 6E. With its potential to transform the way we live and work, WiFi 6E represents an exciting development in the world of wireless communication.

Throughout 2022 and the first few months of 2023, many regulators have also announced their acceptance of WiFi 6E. This means manufacturers who have included or are looking to include this technology in their products, will now be able to sell more globally. Aside from Europe, USA and Canada, these countries include but are not limited to:

Dominican Republic
Hong Kong

At TÜV SÜD, we recognise the importance of keeping up with the latest wireless technologies. That’s why we offer testing and Global Market Access services to support devices with WiFi 6E technology. Our state-of-the-art facilities and experienced engineers ensure that your products meet the latest regulatory requirements and industry standards.


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