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Argentina Authority updates Labelling Requirements

Posted by: Charlotte Pemberton-Bennetts Date: 26 May 2023

Argentina Authority updates Labelling Requirements

The Argentinian Authority – ENACOM- have published an update to their RAMATEL Labelling Requirements for some cases. These are:

Section V.1: If the product cannot have a label due to design or size issues, the label can be on the user manual (UM), the packaging, and now the quick start guide. All three options are acceptable

Section V.3: If the product is installed in a vehicle and the label is not visible, the vehicle must have the label on its UM or documentation. The label can also now be on the manufacturer or importer official websites but must be on the product.

Section V.4: If the product uses electronic labelling (e-labelling), there must be instructions on how to access it. The instructions can be on the UM, the packaging, the quick start guide, or any other documentation coming with the product.

The product must always have a label unless it is impossible for constructive reasons. The product manufacturer must help the vehicle manufacturer to comply with these requirements.

The link to the update can be found here in English.

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