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Ensure lift reliability through digital technologies

Ensure lift reliability through digital technologies

TÜV SÜD @ IBP, Singapore


Lift Manager is installed on all 5 new lifts in TÜV SÜD @ IBP. The lifts are monitored remotely 24/7 and the lift data is analysed in real time using our predictive model algorithms. The predictive model algorithms are built based on our 30 years of lift inspection and certification experience and offer more than 80% accuracy. Actions are recommended when anomalies are detected. 

With the predictive maintenance service, manual lift inspection can be reduced as critical lift components are monitored and replaced before they fail. Therefore, reducing overall maintenance costs and the time needed for conventional inspection and paperwork. It also increases the safety and availability of the lifts to better serve the users of the building.

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Looking beyond Lift Manager

Besides Lift Manager, TÜV SÜD also provided lift advisory services including traffic analysis and specification, technical and documentation reviews for the lifts in TÜV SÜD @ IBP.

TÜV SÜD is a one stop solution provider for lift services such as conformity assessment certification, safety inspection, vertical transportation consulting, smart lift and other digital services. As an internationally established brand, TÜV SÜD can support your lift operation on a global scale. You can leverage on our world-class reputation and expertise to demonstrate your commitment to safety and reliability.

Our experts actively participate in the development of European and international standards. This ensures that they are deeply familiar with the latest technologies and ever evolving statutory regulations. We have also developed our own computerised measuring system, ADIASYSTEM®, which provides accurate and reliable results for load substituting measurements.


About the building

TÜV SÜD @ IBP is TÜV SÜD‘s new ASEAN Headquarter located in Singapore. It started on a brownfield land at 15 International Business Park in Singapore. As an integrated office and lab facility and spanning over 18,900 square metres. TÜV SÜD @ IBP is the proof of concept for building lifecycle digitalisation from design, construction to operation.

The International Business Park (IBP) is the forerunner of Business Parks in Singapore. It is established in 1992 and standing at 32-hectares, it has since matured into a vibrant and thriving business hub for knowledge-based activities.

Visit Lift Manager website to find out more information on the service.


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