Wind Turbines

Wind turbine and component certification

Ensure that your wind energy systems meet international certification standards

Ensure that your wind energy systems meet international certification standards

What is wind turbine certification?

Wind turbine certification verifies that a wind turbine is designed, tested and manufactured for a defined wind class and meets the requirements of international certification standards, as well as all other applicable standards and regulations.

Why is wind turbine certification important?

Certification from an independent third-party service provider is a key factor in maximising cost effectiveness and managing risks. It establishes a relationship of trust between project partners, investors, operators and insurers.

TÜV SÜD ensures your wind turbines comply with standards and regulations.

With a strong focus on health, safety and quality, our team of experienced specialists can help you to develop your organisational objectives and provide the necessary asset management services. We also support you in preparing and implementing plans and organisational procedures to effectively monitor and control operations. Once your renewable energy asset commences commercial operation, our detailed knowledge of machine technology, electrical distribution and SCADA systems allows for an independent performance review.

What does wind farm operation and asset management involve?

  • Wind Turbine Type Certification (onshore/offshore)

    TÜV SÜD performs design basis evaluation, design evaluation, type testing, manufacturing evaluation, final evaluation, foundation design evaluation, foundation manufacturing evaluation and type characteristics measurements.
  • Component certification

    To certify your wind turbine components, we offer design basis evaluation, design evaluation, type testing, manufacturing evaluation and final evaluation services.
  • Wind turbine technical risk assessment

    Our experts apply our advanced TÜV SÜD risk assessment procedure for the technical risk assessment of the overall wind turbine system or its subsystems/components. This includes risk analysis (hazard identification, risk identification, estimation of potential consequences), risk treatment (identification of measures, assessment of measures) and evaluation of risk reduction (evaluation of measures, evaluation of residual risks).
  • Failure analysis

    TÜV SÜD identifies cause of failure and performs process analysis. We also offer identification and assessment of failure effects, witnessing and support of tests and measurements, as well as fracture-mechanics assessment of existing defects in components and assessment of the remaining service life. Our experts provide support in developing technical solutions, evaluation of measures and solutions, assessment of technical and organisational measures in the continued operation of damaged components, endoscopy and non-destructive testing (NDT) on site or in our testing laboratories. We help you present complex technological connections and cause of failure to a non-technical audience.
  • CE marking

    We provide the compliance plan, validation of risk assessment, verification of CE conformity of subsystems and components, evaluation of relevant tests and measurements (EMC/LVD), as well as manufacturing site inspection.
  • UL/CSA Certification

    TÜV SÜD offers design evaluation, compliance plan, component evaluation according to UL/CSA or SPE1000 standards and field labelling.
  • DIBt Type Approval

    We provide type approval according to the German national regulation (DIBt-guideline) for tower and foundation.


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