Nuclear New Build Licensing Support

Ensuring a safe and secure nuclear power plant

Ensuring a safe and secure nuclear power plant

The UK Nuclear New Build market can be difficult to navigate in a way to ensure regulatory compliance, particularly for those with experience from within a more prescriptive regulatory context. TÜV SÜD works with a team of ex-Regulators who can support you by offering a consultative roadmap guiding you on the road through the UK nuclear licensing process.

Why is Nuclear new build licensing support Important?

The key to a successful Nuclear New Build project is the same as any other; working to time, quality, safety and cost. Having upfront support from a team of ex-regulators can ensure a more efficient and effective journey through the challenges of nuclear licensing. Getting an early understanding of what information will be needed, the volume of justification to be provided, and the approach required with the appropriate Regulatory Body can be key to setting a Nuclear New Build project off on a path towards success.

Why choose TÜV SÜD for Nuclear new build licensing support?

As part of its consultancy portfolio TÜV SÜD offers access to a panel of ex-regulators who can guide you through the process of achieving of a Nuclear Site Licence. This support can be offered on a longer term or ad-hoc basis to suit your needs, with face-to-face support from a team of ex- ONR/ex-EA, etc regulators who understand in depth the regulatory requirements for successful Site License applications. With specialists in Licensing, Safety, Environmental and Nuclear Security regulatory requirements, TÜV SÜD can partner with clients locally in the UK and those based internationally and looking to establish a foothold in the UK nuclear market.

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