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Demonstrating compliance aginast environmental obligations

Demonstrating compliance aginast environmental obligations

All nuclear facilities have the potential to impact on the environment and there must be an understanding of these impacts to enable compliance with a variety of environmental obligations that change over the lifetime of a facility.

What is an Environmental Safety Case?

An Environmental Safety Case is the documentation held by an operator that demonstrates compliance with their relevant environmental obligations, often with a focus on the use of Best Available Techniques (BAT) or Best Practicable Means (BPM). An environmental safety case is typically a live case that evolves over time, from project conception, through design, commissioning, operations and decommissioning.

Why are Environmental Safety Cases Important?

By demonstrating to regulators and that a facility is compliant with environmental obligations and safe to the environment and the public, Environmental Safety Cases are a key process to obtaining authorisations to commence or maintain operations and decommission facilities. An effective Environmental Safety Case will also allow operators to understand the equipment and processes within their facility needed to maintain appropriate environmental safety.

TÜV SÜD's Services

TÜV SÜD provides a full range of services to ensure delivery of a complete Environmental Safety Case including:

  • Building of a new Environmental Safety Case Structure – e.g. developing a Claims-Arguments-Evidence structure
  • Delivery of all or part of an Environmental Safety Case – including BAT/BPM Assessments, Impact Assessments, Regulations Registers, Environmental Aspects Registers, Environmental Equipment and Procedures Identification and Performance requirements etc
  • Review and gap analysis of an existing Environmental Safety Case – helping to ensure the Environmental Safety Case addresses the latest compliance obligations and represents best practice
  • Delivery of Site Wide Environmental Safety Case
  • Delivery of Site Wide Waste Management Plans


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