Equipment Qualification for Nuclear Power Plants

Equipment qualification for nuclear power plants



How to qualify your safety-critical nuclear equipment

Brought about by climate change and the ballooning population, the search for clean energy alternatives has prompted governments to find a balance between economic and environment sustainability. One way to do this is through construction of nuclear energy plants. Viewed as a reliable energy source, the use of nuclear power has seen support across the globe, with over 60 reactors constructed across 15 countries in 2017 alone.

However, regulatory issues and budget overruns continue to affect the building of nuclear power plants. These lead to costly project extensions and non-compliance to manufacturing standards.

In this webinar, we lay down the basics in ensuring that your nuclear equipment are compliant with global safety standards. We also discuss the steps to making sure your nuclear project is implemented on-time and on-budget.

Key topics covered:

  • How to navigate through equipment qualification requirements

  • Determining what needs to be qualified and how

  • Common testing activities required for quality and safety assurance 

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