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TÜV SÜD Nederland B.V. goes for CO2 reduction!

At TÜV SÜD Nederland B.V. we attach great importance to sustainable business operations. We want to minimise the negative effects of our activities on the environment. In order to contribute to the reduction of the greenhouse gas CO2, which is released during the burning of fossil fuels and is responsible for global warming, we have decided to embrace the CO2 prestatieladder as our management system for CO2 reduction.

The CO2 performance ladder, what is that exactly?

Co2In 2009, ProRail took the initiative to work together to reduce CO2 and has developed a tool to monitor and reduce CO2 emissions. This tool is the COperformance ladder with five levels (steps). Since early 2011, this instrument has been transferred to the Foundation for Climate-Friendly Procurement and Business (SKAO).

The CO2 performance ladder will help us to identify our CO2 emissions, take appropriate measures and monitor progress.

Does TÜV SÜD already have insight into its CO2 footprint?

Yes, we have calculated our CO2 footprint for the year 2023.

 TÜV SÜD Nederland CO2 footprint


The 2023 footprint is 71.36 tonnes of CO2. 

This is 4% less emissions in absolute terms than in the previous year.

However, we also look at our CO2 emissions relatively to our turnover. This is shown in adjacent graphics.









How will TÜV SÜD reduce its CO2 emissions?

TÜV SÜD Nederland B.V.'s target is to emit approximately 20% less CO2 in 2027, five years from now, compared to our reference year of 2021. To achieve this, we will gradually implement a number of measures over the next few years, such as:

  • Electrification of the vehicle fleet,
  • purchase of green electricity and,
  • raise the awareness of our employees and chain partners.


Progress reports

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If you have any questions, or have good suggestions/ideas on how we as a company can save energy, please contact Gerwin Smulders.


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