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Charlie BlackhamCharlie Blackham

CE Marking and UKCA Marking Trainer

Tell us about yourself

I graduated from the University of Bath with a BEng in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Initially, I worked for a small local company who specialised in the type approval of telephone, fax machines and modems before moving to work with two manufacturers for a period of nine years. In 2005, I started operating as an independent consultant offering CE marking and Product Approvals assistance to a wide range of small and medium-sized companies. I also deliver UKCA and CE Marking product compliance training for TÜV SÜD Academy such as the 'Introduction to CE and UKCA Marking - Practical Guide' training course. I’m a UKAS-accredited Technical Expert for a UK radio equipment Approved Body (Notified Body) and an EMC Approved Body. I’ve also worked as an FCC TCB certification reviewer and an accredited FCC radio test engineer.

What are your main areas of expertise?

My main area of interest is the Radio Equipment Directive, which includes all the requirements of the EMC and Low Voltage Directive but I’ve also worked on products falling under the Machinery and Medical Directives.

What most excites you about your role?

As an independent consultant I’ve been lucky enough to work on an extensive variety of products and can draw on this experience whilst providing training to TÜV SÜD’s wide range of clients.

What future trends do you see developing in your area of work?

Two main areas are incoming cybersecurity requirements and possible divergence between requirements under CE marking legislation and UKCA marking statutory instruments as new EU regulations are published.

What is your biggest challenge?

Keeping up to date with increasing amounts of legislation that can be applicable to products.


Do you sit on any standardisation committees or any other relevant industry committees?

I’m an active member of the Radio Equipment Directive Compliance Association, REDCA, and have authored and co-authored several of their technical guidance notes (TGNs).

I’m also a member of BSI’s EPL/108 Committee working on the safety of AV, IT and telecommunications equipment.

Have you presented at any industry events?

I’ve presented sessions at Rohde & Schwarz's Demystifying EMC seminar in 2019 and 2020 on 'CE marking and product performance issues when collocating multiple radio transceivers', 'FCC Rules and Requirements for electrical and radio equipment' and 'Radio Equipment Directive (RED), compliance for radio enabled equipment'.

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