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Richard Booth

Regional Director

Regional Director

Richard BoothRichard Booth

Regional Director (Central Region)

Tell us about yourself

I had a grounding in general engineering before moving into the lift industry as a design engineer. I was mainly producing modernisation solutions which transitioned at the birth of the Machine Roomless Elevator which was then applied to the lift replacement market. I have held various roles within the industry and built and enjoyed great working relationships with consultants and seemed to fall naturally into the role of Regional Director.

Why did you choose to apply to TÜV SÜD?

As one of the last consulting engineers to join Dunbar Boardman before the transition, I technically didn’t choose TÜV SÜD. But having been here over seven years, I choose to stay with TÜV SÜD because of the great team I work within which is backed up by support and investment from the group that enables us to be the best.

Where do you work?

Flexibility is essential for us. Although I can and do work from home, especially around site visits to maximise efficiency, I tend to work from the office so I can embrace the team spirit.

What are your main areas of expertise?

I still have a strong interest in design, whether this is new build traffic analysis and project development or the existing built environment. I enjoy delivering solutions for clients and this translates into the maintenance management role too, where I try to build a culture of continual improvement for our customers with tailored solutions to meet their specific needs.

What does your role involve?

As Regional Director, I have financial responsibility, look after my team and also deliver consultancy services in order to achieve our immediate and long-term goals. I still enjoy site work such as inspections and witness testing but tend to spend most of my time in the office supporting clients.

What most interests you about your role?

This is split somewhat as we tend to be a little bit geeky when it comes to lifts but also enjoy developing customer relationships based on trust and integrity which generates repeat business. Our customers understand and buy into our passion and knowledge of the industry. Their requirements are so varied that you cannot get bored. Although maintenance management support can seem somewhat mundane compared to development of a trophy site. There’s always an opportunity to make a difference and exceed our client expectations. This breeds success and satisfaction in equal measure.

What do you find most exciting about your job?

I have to admit that the bespoke projects have been the most interesting and challenging. I was involved in the design development of a visitor experience for the Humber Bridge. The aim was to transport passengers from a new visitor exhibition centre, to the rope anchorage chamber, then out to the north tower via a pair of Pininfarina-designed ski lift gondolas suspended under the road deck driven by a cable way. People were then taken up the outside of the towers in a pair of scenic rack & pinion driven lift cars up each leg to a fully glazed viewing platform on top of the upper link bridge. Unfortunately, this did not pass the planning stage but certainly allowed me to be both creative and innovative.

What exciting developments have you seen in the company since you started?

The development of our own, independent Lift Manager system has great potential given the challenges around using global lift manufacturer systems within the UK. The market demands tend to lead to changes of maintenance contractors on a fairly frequent basis and as such, an independent system such as ours offers access to Smart lift technology without hindering flexibility of maintenance provider.

What future trends do you see developing in your area of work?

Digitalisation and flow of information will continue to develop as customers demand smarter ways of working to ensure reliability, compliance and management of costs. Our Lift Manager and Lift Operation Management (LOM) tool with customer portal will be integral to keeping abreast of the changing technologies.

What is your biggest challenge?

At the moment, keeping up with the peak in demand for project works following the suppression from lockdown. The market is buoyant but contractors are struggling with labour and material supply issues. We are managing situations and the volume as best we can given the fluid nature of delivery.

What do you see as the top perk of working for TÜV SÜD?

The global size and strength of the group gives a sense of security for the varied but critical nature of the industries we work within.

How have TÜV SÜD supported you?

I have been able to develop my career from Consulting Engineer to Regional Director with TÜV SÜD. I am also grateful that my children have had the opportunity to attend the global summer camp experience in Germany and made some great friends that they are still in touch with today.

How would you describe your fellow workers in five words?

Best team in the industry!

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of applying for a role similar to yours?

Build your skills, experience and relationships with integrity.

Be passionate about what you do and embrace opportunities.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Don’t forget to have a little fun!

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