Power Plant Licensing and Environmental Management

Manage the environmental aspects of your project

Manage the environmental aspects of your project

What is Power Plant Licensing and Environmental Management?

Professional environmental management minimise risk by ensuring that your designs are compliant with environmental regulations and in line with good environmental practices.

Why is environmental management important?

Your business will be able to select the appropriate contractors and suppliers, and ensure that work scopes deliver the correct technical specifications for feasibility studies, environmental impact assessments and their supporting field surveys. In the post-consent stage, you can be confident of delivering rigorous and compliant project environmental management systems and associated plans to support regulatory construction and operation commitments.

TÜV SÜD helps you identify risks and mitigate them early in your project

TÜV SÜD stands apart from mainstream environmental advisories by working solely within the power sector. This position allows us to deliver unrivalled specialist commercial and technical focus. Our experts have experience from a wide range of projects, enabling us to identify risks and appropriate mitigation measures early in the development process. We draw upon our long-standing relationships with regulators and proven processes in coordinating multi-stakeholder dialogue to avert emerging problems and find suitable solutions for existing issues.


Quick overview of service portfolio

Detailed service portfolio video

Our environmental management services include:

  • Environmental impact assessments (EIA)
  • Habitat regulations assessment (HRA)
  • Strategic environmental assessment (SEA)
  • Cumulative and in-combination assessment
  • Environmental permitting and monitoring
  • Monitoring design
  • Environmental risk analysis
  • Site feasibility
  • Cable route feasibility
  • Navigation and risk assessment
  • Project environmental management planning
  • Policy and spatial planning
  • Corporate social responsibility and carbon management
  • Data management and geospatial informatics
  • GIS support and training Project management