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Future in your hands

Future in your hands

Laboratory assignments and research projects are some areas of work students can look forward to learning and contributing in TÜV SÜD. Aside from putting theoretical concepts into practice, students gain actual hands-on experience on varied assignments and assume roles that are instrumental in helping our diverse businesses to grow in emerging areas, improve existing methodologies and engaging customers.


TÜV SÜD’s Annual Internship Award

At TÜV SÜD, outstanding interns are recognized and rewarded on an annual basis. Learn more about the impact of their work in TÜV SÜD. 



Marianela Sanders Cardelle – Intern, Water Services

"My time as an intern within the Water Services Gates team was a valuable experience to me. In these 6 months, I grew both professionally and personally. My colleagues and mentor were helpful and open, allowing me to sit in on all the meetings to maximize my learning. They encouraged me to grow and the projects I undertook allowed me to hone my technical and soft skills.

I truly enjoyed my work as what we do makes a positive humanitarian and environmental impact to the society. Working in a team with an important mission made it easy to be proactive and motivated every day! I’m incredibly lucky for my time at TÜV SÜD and know that it will help me in the rest of my professional career! "




Cyrus Tay – Intern, Medical & Health Services

“My internship experience at TÜV SÜD was a fulfilling one. Being attached to the biocompatibility team has allowed me to gain a better understanding on the process of conducting biocompatibility testing of new products. I was given the opportunity to assist the team in carrying out the different types of tests adhering to ISO standards and gained a deeper understanding on the safety measures taken to ensure all products sent have met the safety requirements. This experience has allowed me to further relate to certain modules I have learned in school.

The team was knowledgeable and supportive in guiding me during my time in the organization, ensuring that I gained the most out of these few months. I was given opportunities for hands on practice and had the chance to work with other departments gaining exposure and soft skills that would help me in my future career!”




Chan Jun Yuan – Intern, Cyber Security Services

“I joined TÜV SÜD as an intern in the Cyber Security Services team during the 2019 summer break. In these three months, I was exposed to different types of engagements, such as the development of cybersecurity policies, plans, standards and guidelines for organizations, conducting of cybersecurity vulnerability assessments as well as the gap analysis and cybersecurity training on existing policies.

From the exposure provided by my team, I learnt extensively about the cybersecurity landscape and other skill sets such as project and people management. All in all, it was a truly eye-opening and fruitful experience for me. I am also grateful to work alongside a supportive team who mentored and guided me every step of the way!“



Benjamin Lin – Intern, Medical & Health Services

“As an intern in the Sales team for Medical & Heath Services, I was given the opportunity to conduct research on a wide variety of topics such as identifying new opportunities and customer analysis of key accounts. Through the experiences gained, I recognize the importance of compliance and how a third-party certification body like TÜV SÜD plays a huge role in a device’s development cycle. One of the most memorable experiences was joining my supervisor for a customer visit. This was an eye-opening experience as such exposure was not easily attainable by reading or in school!

The colleagues in TÜV SÜD were very warm and friendly. As my supervisor was aware that I came from a Business and Engineering background, she provided me with exposure in both aspects which is extremely helpful for my future career choices. Ultimately, as an intern, be a sponge and try to absorb as much as you can. It is alike to iron sharpening iron, by interacting with people, you are also developing yourself!”


Yeo Yuan Kai – Intern, Environmental Testing

“During my internship in TÜV SÜD, I was offered numerous opportunities for hands-on exposure to the different types of testing conducted in various departments. My tasks ranged from operating different types of machinery and sensors for testing and inspection to organizing test data and reports. In addition, I was given the opportunity to collaborate with my fellow interns in various projects! The learning experience in TÜV SÜD was a fun and enriching one!

One of the most enjoyable part of my internship was the different wellness activties that the company holds on a regular basis. From movies to outdoor activities such as the Macritchie tree-top run, these activities allowed me to expand my network with colleagues from different departments. In a nutshell, my 6 month internship experience has allowed me to hone both my technical and soft skills and also allowed me to gain a realistic perspective of working in an Engineering field!”




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