IEC 61511 Functional Safety Process Industry - Safety Instrumented Systems

Instructor-led Training3 DaysIntermediate

The objective of this training course is to train the attendees in the fundamental principles of functional safety as it relates to safety-instrumented systems and to get their competency in the functional safety standards, certified by TÜV SÜD.

  • Functional Safety Manager
  • System Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Quality Managers
  • Test Engineers
  • Software and hardware developers
  • Everyone who is mainly involved in the development, production and implementation of programmable electronic safety systems and other suitable systems and subsystems in the field of process safety
  • Layers of protection, Safety Integrity Level - SIL
  • Failures, Lifecycle Concept, Hazard and Risk Analysis
  • SIL Determination, HAZOP, FMEDA, FTA, LOPA
  • Define Safety Function, Develop Safety Requirement Specification
  • Example on RBD, SIL calculations, calculation examples
  • Using the safety instrumented systems, SIF design
  • SIF Verification Example, redundancy for sensors
  • Techniques to avoid systematic failures
  • Cybersecurity, BMS, developing the SRS for BMS
  • Using IEC 61511 concepts for BMS design
  • Fire and gas, Multiple safety systems
  • Proof Testing, Certification, proven use and data

Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) is one of the most important layers of protection against accidents in a process industry. The design and implementation of such systems meet good engineering practices and avoid failures in the process industry like chemicals, refineries, petrochemicals, power etc. IEC 61511 covers the application of electrical, electronic, and programmable electronic equipment.

IEC 61511 covers the design and management requirements for SIS throughout the entire safety life cycle. Its scope includes initial concept, design, implementation, operation, and maintenance including decommissioning.
This program is designed as a combined capsule of different modules based on years of practical experience in the field of Functional Safety and participation in relevant standardization committees. The course imparts you required knowledge relating to the existing IEC 61511 standards for safety-relevant electrical/electronic systems.

In this training, you'll learn,

  • FSM compliance audits and certifications can be obtained for all stakeholders involved in the implementation (e.g. plant owners, technical consultants, system integrators and product manufacturers/developers) of the functional safety project and the entire audit and certification process
  • Compliant with IEC 61511 FSM requirements ensure minimization of systematic errors
  • The project is delivered in accordance with international standards IEC 61511 and IEC 61508 regarding safety objectives

This training consists of the instructor-led in a virtual classroom 3-day training only. It does not include the exam for certification.

Participants that attend the training will receive a TUV SUD Certificate of Attendance.

There are no admission requirements for participation in this training. Recommended is Basic IEC 61508 modules 1-3 if this is your first contact with functional safety development.

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