Railway Application Functional Safety Training Course

Online, Instructor-Led

Online, Instructor-Led

Course Overview

Functional safety ensures that safety risks due to hazards caused by the malfunctional behavior of systems are reduced to an acceptable level. These safety risks are increasing in the rail industry as rail technology is becoming more and more complex, with both hardware and software interacting in different ways and components that are sourced from multiple markets.

Successful completion of the course exam is required to receive a TÜV SÜD Academy certificate for this course.

This 4-day course includes the following standards with an exam on the final day:

  • EN 50126 (IEC 62278): Specification and Demonstration of Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety (RAMS)
  • EN 50129 (IEC 62425): Safety related electronic systems for signaling
  • EN 50128 (IEC 62279): Software for railway control and protection systems
  • EN 50159: Safety-related communication in transmission systems


Day 1: EN 50126 (IEC 62278) - RAMS

  • Overview: European directives, understanding standardization, standards in the railway signaling, technology
  • Elements of RAMS and affecting factors
  • Risk / Risk Analysis
  • Safety Integrity
  • Life Cycle Model

Day 2: EN 50129/IEC 62425

  • Process of risk and hazard control
  • Safety integrity levels
  • Quality Management
  • Safety Management
  • Safety demonstration
  • Identification of safety requirements
  • Technical and functional safety
  • Basic methods (FMEA, FTA, Markov models)

Day 3: EN 50128/IEC 62279

  • Definitions
  • Software safety requirement levels (SSAS)
  • Personnel and responsibilities
  • Life Cycle Model
  • Use of COTS software
  • Requirements of the phases
  • Verification / Validation
  • Techniques / measures
  • Application Data

EN 50159

  • Safety transmission system
  • Reference architecture
  • Overview of the threats
  • Overview of the necessary steps to control
  • Calculation of the hazard rate of the transmission channel

Day 4: Examination

  • Test (3h) for Functional Safety Certified Engineer / Professional for the Railway Industry
  • Certificate of attendance states EN 50126 (IEC 62278), EN 50129 (IEC 62425), EN 50128 (IEC 62279) and EN 50159
  • Condition for the Functional Safety Engineer/Professional examination is the participation in all training days.

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