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Functional Safety Training and Certification

Functional Safety Training and Certification Services

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What is Functional Safety

Functional safety is the part of the safety of system or piece of equipment related to the EUC and EUC control system that depends on the correct functioning of the E/E/PE safety-related systems and other risk reduction measures.

The concept of functional safety applies to everyday life and every industry. It is most fundamental for safety related systems. The oil and gas industry, nuclear plants, manufacturing sector, transportations & automotive, medical devices all rely heavily on the concepts of functional safety to ensure the work environment is a place free of hazards.

Electrical, electronic or programmable electronic systems (E/E/PE) carry out a multitude of safety functions. The challenge is to design safety-systems in such a way as to prevent dangerous failures or to control them when they arise. These systems are usually complex, making it impossible in practice to fully determine every potential failure, but testing is nevertheless essential to rule out as many as possible. The participants require having in depth and cross functional knowledge to deal with Functional safety requirements.


Why should you assess your product/system for functional safety?

1. A functional safety assessment helps you identify whether your products/system meet standards and performance requirements, created to protect against potential risks, including injuries and even death.
2. Compliance is driven by customer requirements, legislation, regulations, and insurance demands.

The objective of functional safety Training and Certification

Functional safety lets you avoid the inappropriate risk of physical injury or damage to the health by the proper implementation of one or more automatic protection functions. A safety-related system consists of one or more safety functions.

Functional Safety and related risk management system requirements are increasingly in demand and being the pioneers, our functional safety training and certification courses are based on generic standards and aligned to the application standards relevant in each area, presenting an overarching perspective of the issues of product liability and state of the art.

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