IEC 61508 Industrial Automation Functional Safety Training and Certification for Engineers (Level-1)

Face-to-face Training04 DaysBeginnerVirtual Classroom
  • Globally accepted Functional Safety Engineer (FSEr) certificate with non-expiry
  • Basic understanding of safety-related functions using electrical and electronic systems to reduce/avoid the probability of failures
  • Comprehensive knowledge for your role as a Safety equipment developer/ supplier as well as Industry Systems manufacturer /integrator be able to specialize in the respective field
  • Achieve the expertise to become a functional safety engineer, professional, or expert in the industrial automation industry
  • Complete all the phase of product life cycle along with Functional Safety work products
  • Networking opportunities with peers from varied backgrounds
  • Competitive edge to tackle functional safety projects effectively and efficiently

Megha-Malhotra Course Counsellor

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The training program equips you with updated technical knowledge and practical experience to develop and test the safety-related systems according to the IEC 61508 standard. The primary goal of this course is to help professionals make understand, implement, and mitigate risks through our virtual instructor-led classes.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Enhance your efficiency with training courses, linking theory with practical experience in functional safety
  • Mitigate risks of product recalls and failures, saving time and monetary losses
  • Minimize risks by becoming up to date with standards and regulations in science and technology


  • Introduction to functional safety management
  • Management of functional safety in development projects
  • Management of functional safety after SOP
  • Supporting Industrial Automation for functional safety

Risk Analysis

  • Hazard analysis with risk assessment (risk analysis/SIL allocation)
  • Derivation of a safety concept and requirements
  • Derivation of the technical safety requirements and related architecture

Development & Assessment – Hardware

  • Fundamentals of reliability consideration
  • Quantitative and qualitative requirements for hardware design
  • Introduction and performance of safety-oriented analysis of IEC 61508
  • Diagnostic calculation of fault metrics and reliability characteristics
  • Assessment of data communications

Development and Assessment – Software

  • General requirements for the software Industrial Automation: Industrial Automation models
  • Selection of methods, techniques and measures required by the standard
  • Practical planning of SW development depending on SIL
  • Special topics
  • Definition of safety measures/hardware diagnosis
  • Partitioning of software
  • Comparison between code-based and model-based development
  • Design of project documentation: achieving completeness and review ability with minimal effort

Safety Analysis

  • Role of safety analysis
  • Comprehensive analysis of the safety lifecycle
  • Introduction of commonly used analysis techniques and their strengths/weakness
  • The reliability consideration at the hardware level
  • Interlinking of various safety analysis
  • Application examples


  • R&D professionals
  • Product developers
  • System integrators
  • Managers of industrial automation engineering


  • Embedded industrial automation electronic systems
  • Software development
  • Hardware development

Our training partners are experts in the industry, having hands-on experience in conducting live virtual/classroom training programs, in-depth knowledge of the standards and regulations that affect your business and applying these standards across various industry domains. Our training partners do their best to provide the best learning experience.

  • Demonstrate individual expertise as an IEC 61508 functional safety professional
  • Comply with IEC 61508 standard with a certification that clearly documents your expertise, experience, and skills in functional safety
  • Maintain a competitive advantage by building internal competencies to tackle functional safety projects effectively and efficiently

The functional safety certification can be obtained through our instructor-led training program. Post-completion of the course, participants are required to attend an examination containing multiple-choice questions to obtain the certificate. Participants scoring above the passing criteria will be awarded the certificate.

  • Exam Type: Multiple choice questions
  • Exam Questions: 66
  • Exam Time: 180 minutes
  • Required number of points: 46 points
  • Aids: Closed book exam
  • Passing Criteria : 51%

1. What is the importance of IEC 61508 in a functional safety training program?
IEC 61508 functional safety is an international standard that regulates functional safety in electrical and electronic systems consisting of hardware and software components of industrial automation safety. Compliance with IEC 61508 is crucial for OEMs and industrial automation suppliers to ensure human safety and industrial automation development.

2. What do the IEC 61508 functional safety standards specify?
IEC 61508 is a functional safety standard that provides a framework for developing electrical and electronic systems installed in the industrial automation industry. It aims to reduce possible hazards by measuring risks and determining risk classes, known as SIL levels. The standard defines the safety lifecycle from the concept phase to the decommissioning of the product or system. It tracks and measures risks to achieve acceptable safety in the industrial automation product.

3. Why is it important for an individual to have functional safety training in the IEC 61508 module?
The IEC 61508 Functional Safety Training and Certification Program teaches individuals the technical knowledge and practical experience to understand safety-related systems in industrial automation vehicles. This enables individuals to take informed steps and avoid mishaps and risks, saving time and money. It also ensures high levels of employee, company, and customer satisfaction.

4. How to obtain IEC 61508 functional safety training?
TÜV SÜD South Asia offers IEC 61508 Functional Safety Training and Certification Programs in India and is globally accredited per international norms. The IEC 61508 functional safety training and certification can be obtained by joining the course and completing the course as per the modules in the stipulated time provided to the trainees.

5. Why choose TÜV SÜD for the IEC 61508 functional safety training & certification program?
TÜV SÜD is an internationally accredited testing body for IEC 61508 and is recognized as an expert in functional safety. It has a strong functional safety team with a proven track record in management and training. TÜV SÜD South Asia serves OEMs and industrial automation suppliers worldwide and is a trusted and independent partner in the industry. Their trainers support organization's globally to improve functional safety and security projects, change management, and technology development in industrial automation.

6. Who should attend the IEC 61508 training & personnel certification program?
Professionals interested in understanding functional safety-related electrical and electronic systems in the industrial automation industry should attend the IEC 61508 Functional Safety Training and Certification Program. The course provides practical experience in operating and controlling safety-related systems to mitigate risks and avoid errors. Attendees may include product developers, R&D professionals, engineers, system integrators, managers, sales representatives, marketing specialists, and anyone seeking IEC 61508 Functional Safety certification.

7. What are the benefits of enrolling in the IEC 61508 training and personnel certification program?
The IEC 61508 Training and Certification Program offers practical knowledge in safety-related functions and additional benefits such as enhancing efficiency through theory and practical experience, keeping employees up to date with standards and regulations to identify problems early, avoiding product recalls and loss of reputation, preventing product failures and saving time and money, and gaining a competitive edge by developing the best solutions for customers using knowledge of diverse roles in the safety lifecycle.

8. What are the course objectives for IEC 61508 Functional Safety Training & Personnel Certification?

  • Gaining an IEC 61508 Functional Safety training and certification provides an upper hand in the industry.
  • Helps individuals create a place for themselves in the organisation
  • Ensure that you meet the demands of the business through a complete understanding of the model-based methods to develop safety-related systems in compliance with IEC 61508 standards.
  • Demonstrate your know-how of functional safety with a globally recognised IEC 61508 certification and become an integral part of the official TÜV SÜD functional safety expert community.
  • Gain expertise to be a functional safety engineer, professional, or expert in the Industrial Automation industry
  • Build internal competencies to tackle functional safety projects effectively and efficiently and gain a competitive edge.

9. How do I retake or reschedule or cancel the Training and examination?
Re-attempts must be completed within 30 days of the last exam. Training and exam rescheduling must be done within 30 days of the start of the last training. Cancellations are allowed up to 14 days before the course begins, but after that, no refund will be given. Exam cancellations are not allowed, but participants can treat cancellation as their first attempt and be redirected to their last attempt. Failure to meet the timelines will result in the nullification of participation and cancellation of training, examination, or certification without refund. Contact TÜV SÜD South Asia for further assistance.

10. When can I get the certificate?
Certificates will be issued within 21 working days from the date of the examination.

11. When can I get the training material and invite?
One day before the training commencement.

12. How do I pay the fees for training and examination?
Online Mode.

13. Is there any refund policy for the paid fees?
Please refer to Cancellation and Refund Policy page.

  • Siemens Technology and Services Private Limited
  • Rockwell Automation
  • ThyssenKrupp India Private Limited
  • Atkins Global
  • GE Power
  • Emerson Automation Solutions
  • Infineon Technologies
  • Konecranes and Demag Private Limited
  • Danfoss
  • Carrier Technologies India Limited
  • Addverb Technologies
  • Fanuc India
  • Schmersal India Private Limited
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