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Water Services for Total Asset Lifecycle

Achieve your sustainability objectives by optimising water efficiency

Achieve your sustainability objectives by optimising water efficiency

WHAT challenges do you face in water management?

Water is critical element across the value chain with vast quantities of water required for processes right from upstream to downstream. With much focus on optimisation of available water through various water treatment and recycling solutions, your challenge is to deploy an efficient water management system in place that ensures availability, meets your sustainability objective cost parameters while ensuring compliance to international and national standards.


Higher demand of water, rising costs and stringent environmental regulations require increased efficiency of water systems. Implementing comprehensive testing and evaluation services for your water infrastructure will enable you to optimise efficiency and save money & time invested across the total asset lifecycle. It helps you achieve sustainability and meet compliance with various environmental and industry standards and regulations. Operators, utilities, investors, end users as well as EPCs and equipment manufacturers can gain confidence in their technologies and investments by having their water infrastructure tested and verified. 

TÜV SÜD HELPS you TO Achieve your sustainability objectives by optimising water efficiency 

We offer a wide spectrum of water services right from sourcing water, harnessing it for the extraction processes and treating wastewater to disposing it, for stakeholders in the business of exploration, refining and production. We support you with performance testing and verification services for key technologies and components such as membranes, sensors and water purifiers. Our comprehensive water services help you to ensure higher precision and quality for your water plant operation and support you in adopting innovative technology and futuristic methods to foster sustainability, thus, supporting you to meet compliance to the environmental regulations. 


Quick overview of service portfolio

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  • Feasibility Study and Technical Due Diligence (TDD)

    We provide bankable technical feasibility studies for investments in innovative solutions and new technologies for both startups and investors for water assets. We also provide Technical Due Diligence (TDD) for bankable transaction Red Flag TDD studies, detailed TDD, as well as subsequent monitoring based on identified issues for banks, vendors and buyers in water infrastructure investment transactions. We carry out water asset evaluation, e.g. estimation of market, replacement, investment and insurance costs of asset for accounting and transactions based on the asset’s quality for investors.

  • Project Management Services

    Our project management services enable you to maintain full control of your water assets. Our experts ensure your plant follows national and international requirements for quality and safety. We also help you implement smooth operations within you water plants, waste water treatment plants and desalination plants. Thus, supporting you to maintain your systems to the latest technical standards, achieve interoperability with the latest technologies, plan and develop projects, and address potential risks. 

    Our Project Management Services for water infrastructure include:

    • Technical advisory services
    • Design review and design qualification
    • Project supervision
    • QA/QC
    • Final acceptance of construction
  • O&M Optimisation and Trouble Shooting for Plant Operations

    Oil and gas industry has a high demand for both influent and effulgent. We provide technical advisory, evaluate performance for all kinds of water-related plants, i.e. sea water reverse osmosis plant, water recycle plant, wastewater treatment plant and others to achieve a cost-effective and higher-efficiency outcome. 

    The scope of our services includes: 

    • Energy and chemical consumption evaluation and benchmarking
    • Alternative process benchmarking
    • Wastewater treatment modelling BioWin 
    • Plant Audits and Optimization
    • Specialised Audits for Membrane Elements
    • Technical advisory for full plant operations
    • Pre-treatment testing
    • Media filter recovery test
    • Cartridge filter reliability and performance test
    • Air based, soluble dye, light scatter, TOC, and microbial integrity tests
  • Membrane Services

    Membrane filtration plays a vital role in water treatment in the Oil and Gas industry. We provide Non-destructive testing and autopsy services for UF/MF/NF/RO membrane element, including:

    • Performance testing
    • Probing/Boron testing
    • Flat-sheet Membrane Standard testing
    • Dye testing
    • Physical inspection
    • Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)
    • Energy Dispersion X-ray spectroscopy (EDX)
    • Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR)
    • X-ray Fluorescence (XRF)
    • X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS)
    • Weight Loss on Ignition (WLOI)
    • Total Micro-biological Count (TMC)
    • Fujiwara test

    The results of the tests are compiled and analysed to provide an overall summary of the membrane autopsy observations along with an in-depth review of possible causes for membrane system’s declined performance. We then provide recommendations, aiming at arresting potential plant upsets, streamlining operational efficiency, reducing membrane fouling and extending membrane system lifetime.


  • Achieve sustainability objectives – through the recycle and reuse of water and comply with local and international regulatory requirements.
  • Sustain performance – with in-depth operational insights for your plant, ensuring delivery of planned quantity and quality.
  • Save time and money – with our expert advice from the early planning stages to identifying critical aspect, thus, expediting approval processes and avoiding costly revision rounds.
  • Gain a competitive edge – by applying the most efficient, effective, sustainable and resilient water solutions.
  • Benefit from an expert partnership – with our technological expertise combined with bundled inspection, testing  and technical advisory services.
  • Access multi-disciplinary engineering – know-how from a single partner to meet your water infrastructure requirements throughout the asset lifecycle. 

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