End-to-End Procurement Services

End-to-End Procurement Services

Ensure greater transparency and control over your entire supply chain

Ensure greater transparency and control over your entire supply chain


Procurement processes in today’s highly globalised and digitalised world have extended the benefit of cost optimization, expert services, cross utilisation and consistency. However, this has also evolved the supply chain into a more complex and multi-leveled network with various stakeholders, in most cases spread across geographies. Your challenge is to ensure timely procurement and execution while maintaining consistency in quality, adherence to technical specifications and cost control.

Why are supply chain services important?

Supply chain services not only involve global or domestic transportation but also services that facilitate the entire procurement till delivery to the required destination, thus maintaining traceability and transparency and driving timely execution. It encompasses identifying requirements, validation of technical specifications, vendor identification selection, legal compliance and pre and post shipment activities. The services include new as well as on-going project management. With our supply chain management expertise, we manage project procurement across the globe by providing services like inspection, expediting and quality assurance to keep projects on schedule and minimise costs associated with damages and downtime. Designing an end-to-end supply chain plan in the first stage of feasibility study and planning can help you save cost and time. 

TÜV SÜD HELPS TO ENSURE greater transparency and control over your entire supply chaiN

With a global network of multidisciplinary experts, TÜV SÜD helps you manage risk by ensuring greater transparency and control over your suppliers and projects. This helps you to streamline the procurement processes – a cultural aspect for timely execution. With our supply chain management expertise, we manage project procurement across the globe by providing services like inspection, expediting and quality assurance to keep projects on schedule and minimize costs associated with damages and downtime. We also support you with construction monitoring services to ensure that your construction and assembly projects comply with safety and quality regulations and requirements. Our in-depth technical, operational and geological knowledge and experience together with a robust network of experts, enables us to cater to our customers’ supply chain requirements at the remotest locations in the world. 


Quick overview of service portfolio

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WHAT DO supply chain services involve?

We offer end-to-end supply chain services right from vendor qualification to final acceptance test:

  • Vendor qualification
  • Vendor surveillance management
  • Supply chain audits
  • Packaging inspection
  • Product testing
  • QA/QC at vendor site
  • Pre/Post shipment
  • Loading/Unloading supervision
  • Vendor site assessment
  • Shop inspection
  • Project expediting
  • Final acceptance test

Our Services

1. Vendor Qualification and Site assessment

We offer vendor qualification service across the globe with the support of our regional presence. We evaluate vendors to determine if they are capable of providing required goods and services as pre-defined quality requirement. 

2. Shop Inspection 

We ensure all procedures are followed during production stages and the quality of workmanship is maintained throughout the procurement life-cycle. We also conduct witnessing of stage-wise production at vendor site.

3. Final Acceptance test

Our experts conduct the final inspection of critical components to make sure contractual requirements and international standards are met.

4. Pre/post-shipment inspection

For pre and post inspection we undertake quantity and quality check of products to ensure compliance with pre-defined specification. This is done by random inspection of finished product and testing of product as per the requirement of the buyer. To ensure proper packing and handling of material, loading and unloading processes are also monitored.

5. Project Expediting

We provide expediting services to keep deliveries on schedule for a project. The proactive approach of our experts ensures that each phase of procurement proceeds smoothly and on time.

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  • Ensure quality – as our experts’ partner with you throughout the procurement lifecycle of your project to make sure that your procured products comply with national & international regulations and conditions of purchase. 
  • Gain greater transparency – with support from our digitally driven processes and global network of experts that help you manage various aspects of your supply chain. 
  • Deliver projects on time – with a single-source control enabled by our interdisciplinary support and project management expertise.
  • One stop solution – to all your requirements related to procurement lifecycle across the globe through our centralised expertise.
  • We implement optimized price models and quality checks – throughout your supply chain so that you make informed procurement decisions.
  • Predictive maintenance and condition monitoring – of the oil and gas pipelines and critical equipment ensures that repairs are made in time and there is zero plant shutdown.
  • Our robust infrastructure – ensures that your project is streamlined, and costs are controlled. 
  • Most inaccessible locations – are also covered by our experts and we can provide supply chain support no matter how remotely located your plant is.  
  • Meet technical specifications – of the procurement and avoid quality issues and rejection with the help of our seasoned experts.
  • Meet stipulated timelines – of your project by avoiding operational and logistical delay in the supply of material and components.
  • We harness digitalization – of systems and processes to ensure that complete transparency and traceability of supply chain is maintained. 
  • Enhance visibility and maintain transparency – throughout the supply chain to get insights about your processes and shipment status.

Why choose TÜV SÜD?

TÜV SÜD has an international reputation as an independent and impartial technical service provider. We assess each project objectively and with absolute expertise so that you can base decisions on unfiltered information. Our experts have the multidisciplinary know-how to help you resolve complex challenges across international supply chains. To ensure immediate and cost-effective support, we operate through a global network of offices. Our extensive service portfolio caters to every stage of your project, commencing from design to procurement, execution, commissioning, plant operation, revamp, shutdown and refurbishment. Apart from logistics and warehousing requirements, we ensure that your supply chain meets compliance to the global safety regulations and environmental best practices. 

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