Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) Advisory Services

Ensure reliability and cost-effectiveness of your building systems

Ensure reliability and cost-effectiveness of your building systems

To provide a competitive and attractive product portfolio in the real estate market, it is important for designers, installers, as well as building owners and operators to ensure the reliability and cost-effectiveness of their building systems.

This means evaluating the capital cost of introducing energy-efficient measures into the design and implementation of mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) systems. To navigate the different international green building standards and incorporate them into the design, MEP advisory services are required.

What is Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) Design?

MEP design refers to all mechanical, electrical and plumbing infrastructures that exist within a building. It is essential for an MEP framework to be constructed according to best practice to make sure that safety and financial concerns are fully taken into account.

The optimum design and installation of MEP systems are essential to the smooth operation of any building, from construction to completion, and can have an impact on energy efficiency and operating costs. Incorporating sustainable design from the onset allows you to establish your business commitment to protecting public health and the environment.

How can MEP advisory services benefit your business?

  • Save money – by implementing the best procedures and settings for specific systems.
  • Ensure availability and functionality – by involving an experienced partner in the design and installation of building service systems, reducing downtime and guaranteeing effectiveness from an early stage.
  • Minimise risk – with our knowledge of technical guidelines, regulations and standards, which resolves any unclear issues and ensures compliance with national and international legislation.
  • Gain a competitive edge – by building a trusted brand based on the service availability and safety of your facilities.
  • Tailor your solutions – with customer-focused solutions designed for the specific needs of each stakeholder.

How can our MEP advisory services can help your business thrive?

TÜV SÜD offers a comprehensive range of design, advisory and sustainability services for MEP solutions associated with all types of building. Our experts advise you on all issues of your building’s systems. We support you during the conceptual and detailed design of all MEP systems for new and modified constructions. We also supervise the implementation of our designs during construction and carry out acceptance tests upon completion.

Our Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Design services include:

  • Advisory and design services
    • Feasibility studies for building engineering services
    • Surveys of existing installations
    • Cost planning and preliminary cost estimates
    • Engineering technology advice
    • Engineering services design and coordination
    • Advice on tendering and contract procedures
    • Preparation of bills of quantities and other tender documentation
    • Cost control of engineering works
  • Mechanical services
    • Heating and ventilation
    • Air conditioning
    • Coal, gas and oil-fired boiler plants
    • Gas installation automatic controls
    • Water and sewage treatment installation
    • Noise and vibration control
    • Smoke extract ventilation
    • Staircase pressurisation
    • Sprinkler protection system
  • Electrical services
    • Mains and sub-mains distribution and switchgear up to and including 11 kV
    • Main power distribution
    • Internal and external lighting
    • Emergency lighting
    • Plant lighting
    • Small power electrical supplies
    • Fire alarms and security systems
    • IT and communication systems
    • Lift and escalator systems
    • Building management systems
    • Lightning protection and earthing
    • Energy management
    • Standby generation diesel generation systems
    • Rotary, hybrid and static UPS systems
    • CHP plants
  • Plumbing services
    • Incoming water mains services
    • Cold water storage and hot water supplies
    • Drinking water supplies
    • Sanitary appliances
    • Soil waste and vent system
    • Overflow system
    • Rainwater system
    • Drainage
  • Sustainability services
    • Energy modelling
    • Energy rating certification
    • Environmental certification based on BREEAM & LEED
  • Thermal building simulation
    • Calculate energy requirements for building heating and cooling
    • Real weather data considered
    • Energy efficient ventilation
  • Systems and processes
    • Optimise design of engineering services and control strategies
    • Electricity, ventilation, cooling and heating energy requirements safely calculated
    • Design and optimisation of system control and regulation
    • Optimise investment and operating costs
  • CFD flow simulation
    • Using real world conditions, simulate flow of liquid and gas throughout a building
    • Simulate thermal and physical interactions
  • Building aerodynamics
    • Assess pedestrian comfort
    • Calculate turbulence on and around buildings
    • Analyse the effects on a building and its façade
    • Analyse urban areas and their effect on surrounding buildings
    • Identify and reduce unwanted flow between exhaust and fresh air inlets
    • Determine increase in wind induced loads on facades, overhangs, bridges and masts etc
  • Daylight and artificial light simulation
    • Calculation of visual comfort for occupants
    • Determination of energy saving potential
    • Reduction of thermal loads
    • Shading analysis
    • Simulation of various materials (for example, solar shading elements, coatings, glass printing)
    • Determination of visual comfort to ArbStättV and other certification standards
    • Calculation of daylight factor and daylight intensity
    • Optimisation of investment and operating costs
  • Evacuation/escape simulation & fire and smoke extraction simulation
    • Save lives
    • Safe evacuation through good building design
    • Risk prevention and plausibility testing
    • Determination of escape time
    • Show escape route variations simultaneously
    • Identify problematic congestion points
    • Configure optimal escape and rescue paths

Why choose our MEP advisory services for your business?

TÜV SÜD has decades of experience and is well versed in all relevant mechanical, electrical and environmental engineering disciplines, providing you with a one-stop source for solutions and interdisciplinary expertise.

Our strong reputation ensures that our design services meet with a high level of acceptance globally. In addition, our experts are represented on-site around the world and are familiar with both international and local requirements.


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