Ingress Protection (IP) Testing

Guarantee the quality of your products

Guarantee the quality of your products

What is Ingress Protection (ip) testing and why is it important?

Ingress protection (IP) testing reduces the risk of product failure in the field by assessing the degree of protection provided against mechanical intrusion, dust, accidental contact and water into casings and enclosures.

The IP code classifies the effectiveness of enclosures against the intrusion of solid bodies and/or liquid. The IP Code consists of the letters IP followed by two digits and an optional letter. The first digit indicates the level of protection that the enclosure provides against access to hazardous parts and the ingress of solid foreign objects. The second digit indicates protection of the equipment inside the enclosure against harmful ingress of water. The additional letter can be appended to classify only the level of protection against access to hazardous parts by persons.

Why choose TÜV SÜD for Ingress protection (ip) testing?

The IP standard we test to is BS EN 60529:1992 +A2:2013. This standard, titled Degrees of Protection provided by IP Code, contains the criteria to assess equipment to its appropriate IP code. Many other standards from a wide range of industries reference the IP code including Marine, Rail, Transport and Medical.

We can provide manufacturers with the following testing services:

  • IP1x to IP6x (Protection against objects)
  • IPx1 to IPx8 (Protection against liquids)

We provide testing for IP to many specifications including the following common standards:

  • BS EN 60529
  • IEC 60945

Any test not on our UKAS scope which is within our capability can be added quickly through our flexible schedule, which is a rare privilege granted to us by our accrediting authority.


  • IPX1 and IPX2: Test rig 1m³ working area. Larger items can be catered for at request.
  • IPX3 to IPX6: Limited only by equipment able to fit into 5m x 6m x 4m (W x D x H) chamber.
  • IPX7: Maximum test item size1m³
  • IPX8: Maximum test item size 600mm diameter. Maximum depth 50 m.
  • IP1X to IP4X: Very few limitations with our test capabilities
  • IP5X to IP6X: Dust testing performed at our partner laboratory


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