Event Sustainability

ISO 20121 Certification for Sustainable Event Management

Attain ISO 20121 certification to integrate sustainable practices in event management.

Attain ISO 20121 certification to integrate sustainable practices in event management.

What is ISO 20121 event sustainability?

ISO 20121 is recognised as a standard for the certification of the sustainable event management system.  Based on the "Plan-Do-Check-Act" methodology, it provides a systematic framework for the integration of sustainable management practices so as to reduce the impact related to economic, environmental and social aspects.

Why is Iso 20121 event sustainability Important?

The standard is applicable to different categories of structures such as those involved in organizing events, service providers for these events, as well as the Management System relating to the organization of a single event (e.g. catering. Plants, stands, etc.).

In addition to demonstrating the responsibility of the organization towards a sustainable approach to events towards the community of reference, certification can support the significant reduction of environmental impacts and risks in the legal and social sphere.

Organizations that implement this system can reduce costs and improve their brand reputation. In addition, the sustainable management of events has beneficial effects on the socio / environmental and economic impacts of the event itself at different levels, such as the production of waste, the consumption of energy and water, the control of workers in the event organization chain. The ISO 20121 Management System supports the organization to establish and achieve the objectives that can be communicated to interested parties, as well as supports organizations to implement policies and procedures to achieve best practices.


Why choose TÜV SÜD for ISO 20121 event sustainability?

In addition to offering comprehensive evaluations and reports, we can provide you with our TÜV SÜD certification mark, which is globally recognised and synonymous with quality and safety.

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