Automated vehicle approval

The Road to AV Approval: A Cybersecurity Perspective

White Paper

White Paper

Insights into the approval for connected and automated vehicles with special focus of cybersecurity

In the absence of underlying regulatory requirements, only single vehicle approval was possible previously, if the protection of road safety and functional safety assets, as well as the cybersecurity threat landscape, were considered. We have developed the “AV Permit”, an approach to ensure the safety and security of AV prototypes prior to their release on public streets.

As the regulatory and legislative framework for AVs progressed, it was necessary to adapt the AV Permit to its next generation: AV-Permit 2.0. This considers a whole new set of requirements for the vehicle itself, as well as for the organisation manufacturing it. These requirements come from newly created regulations, that address type approval of AVs, both at a German and European Union (EU) legislation level.

Why download the whitepaper?

  • Get information about the cybersecurity for single AV approval (AV-Permit 1.0), the method and the assessment process
  • Gain insights into the road to series AV approval (AV-Permit 2.0), the new regulatory baseline and the approval process
  • Get an overview of the similarities and differences between AV-Permit 1.0 vs. 2.0
  • Find out more how TÜV SÜD can support you with cybersecurity services for connected and automated vehicles

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