Testing and certification of hydrogen components outside the regulatory and normative framework

White paper

White paper

Hydrogen will play a decisive role in our future energy system as it is relatively easy to store and transport. However, materials, components and systems that are in contact with hydrogen must be qualified for safe use. The European system for placing components and systems on the market consists of framework directives such as the Machinery Regulation and the Low Voltage Directive, as well as standards for product testing and certification referenced from them. But, in most cases, these do not represent the specific requirements of hydrogen. To fully comply with a manufacturer's Product Safety Act (ProdSG) obligations, and ensure that safe products are placed on the market, the qualification of hydrogen-carrying components is therefore required beyond the given regulated and standardised range.

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  • You will gain an overview of the product safety and market access in the European Union
  • You will find out more about the general approach for qualifying products for hydrogen applications
  • You will get deeper insights into the hydrogen-specific influence factors and the relevant gaps in the regulatory framework
  • You will learn more about the solutions offered by TÜV SÜD


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