Compliance Beyond Brexit

Online Workshop

Online Workshop

Brexit has happened and we have now officially left the EU, but what does that mean for you?

Following Brexit, we have now entered a transition period but there is still a lot of confusion in the market with more questions than answers. With many UK manufacturers looking not at just a UK market but also continuing selling their products in Europe and beyond, we need to understand how we can move forwards beyond Brexit.

This workshop will focus on implications for manufacturers and exporters and will cover the following topics, presented by both internal and external experts:

  • Legal frameworks
  • Notified bodies and UK Conformity Assessment
  • Global Market Access (GMA)

The workshop will end with a panel discussion with all our internal and external experts presenting at the event, giving you a good opportunity to voice any questions that you have regarding the Brexit process and what it means for you going forwards.


This workshop will bring together internal and external industry experts, joining different backgrounds and expertise.

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