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What is the European Green Deal?



The Green Deal, which came into force in June 2021, is a roadmap to reduce carbon emissions and optimize the use of resources in Europe. It places the challenges of sustainable development and energy efficiency in the key sectors which are:

  • The climate
  • Energy
  • Transportation
  • Building
  • Agriculture
  • Finances
  • Industry
  • The environment

This webinar is presented by our Environmental Expert Anne-Sophie Quinquis. It will help you better understand the challenges and constraints of the key sectors mentioned above.

We will provide an overview of the Green deal and its regulatory tsunami which will shape tomorrow's production and consumption in Europe and around the world. The aim will be to see how the objective of carbon neutrality in 2050 places the entire production chain within a sustainable logic.


  • Presentation of the Green Deal
  • Key sectors and flagship actions
  • How TÜV SÜD can support you in your compliance

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