Unlocking the Values in Big Data

Benefits of using advanced modelling techniques

Benefits of using advanced modelling techniques

In a world where data is output at high speeds and stored in large volumes, new challenges must be met, such as datasets containing large numbers of variables output at high frequencies, inconsistency in data labelling and poorly structured databases. It is becoming ever more apparent that to maximise the valuable diagnostic information stored within this data, we must make use of advanced modelling techniques.

This webinar, presented by Dr Yanfeng Liang, will present case studies and modelling results on different flow meters to illustrate the valuable insights and benefits that can be extracted from data through the use of appropriate modelling techniques such as machine learning models. End-users will benefit from the valuable information unlocked from data, by allowing them to improve their decision-making and ability to diagnose faults as well as reducing costs by minimising any unnecessary maintenance.

This webinar will be of interest to facility owners, control and instrumentation engineers, companies who require assistance in interpreting large data sets, and anyone who wishes to better understand their data as well as extracting additional insights from them.

Focus Topics:

  • Discuss the different types of modelling techniques and when to use them
  • The difference between modelling with labelled and unlabelled data
  • Demonstrate the benefits of using advanced modelling techniques through case studies

About the Speaker

Dr. Yanfeng Liang

I am a Mathematician in the Digital Services Team. An understanding of mathematics and its application is vital across all sectors, particularly with the data-rich environments of industry today. My expertise in data science and mathematical modelling helps to bring a new dimension to our Digital Services Team.

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