The Use of Sonic Nozzles with Hydrogen



This webinar will focus on these points:

  • A general introduction to sonic nozzles including their applications, benefits and limitations.
  • An overview of the requirements of ISO 9300; nozzle geometry, installation and calculations.
  • Uncertainty of sonic nozzles and the importance of flow calibration for minimising measurement uncertainty.
  • The use of sonic nozzles with hydrogen; current knowledge, limitations and gaps, and next steps.

About the Speaker

Aidan White
Engineer in the Clean Fuels Team

Aidan is an engineer in the Clean Fuels team at TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory where he focusses on the flow measurement challenges for clean fuels (specifically hydrogen). His latest work includes the design of a new gas flow primary standard facility that will allow calibration of sonic nozzles in hydrogen at pressures up to 120 bar and flow rates up to 100 Sm3/h.

Next Steps

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