Introduction to Wet-Gas Metering



TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory is the UK’s Designated Institute for Flow Measurement and has been involved in testing and R&D of wet-gas metering technologies for more than 20 years. The data collected with the wet-gas loop, in its original one-liquid-component configuration, contributed extensively to the development of the correlations included in the ISO Technical Report 11583:2012. In 2015, the wet-gas loop was upgraded to two-components-liquids to advance wet-gas flow research. In October, a new high pressure and high flow rate Advanced Multiphase Flow (AMF) test facility was launched, which has capabilities beyond anything available in the world today.

This webinar will offer an introduction to wet-gas flow metering. The first part of the webinar will be dedicated to the fundamentals of wet gas flow, the terminology used and the flow regime characterisation. The second part will focus on the different metering technologies available and briefly on how to select the correct flow meter. The latest R&D projects conducted at TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory will be presented in the final part of the webinar and references to international standards and guidelines will be offered.

Our webinar will tackle these points, focusing on:

  • Introduction to Wet-Gas Metering
  • Different metering technologies available
  • How to select the correct flow meter

Gabriele ChinelloABOUT THE SPEAKER

Dr. Chinello

Graduated with BSc and MSc degrees in Energy Engineering from the University of Pisa, Italy, with an ERASMUS placement at the Technical University of Delft where he carried out his Master’s thesis on two-phase stratified flow modelling. Dr. Chinello then completed his PhD on wet-gas measurement with Venturi tubes at Glasgow Caledonian University, joint-funded by TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory and the Energy Technology Partnership. He was the recipient of a competitive Newton Fund call to enhance collaboration with his South American counterparts, and an Early Career Researchers grant to work for a period at Hint B.V. in the Netherlands. In January 2019, Dr. Chinello joined TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory and he is currently the technical lead for wet gas flow. Dr. Chinello is an IMechE associate member and he is progressing to become a chartered engineer.

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