Introduction to Produced Water and Oil in Produced Water Measurement




Produced water is by far the largest waste stream in the Oil and Gas Sector. Worldwide for every barrel of oil produced, on average there are roughly 4 barrels of water co-produced. How one manages this produced water will directly impact on oil production and ultimately on the recovery of oil from a field, in particular, under a low oil price environment.

Produced water contains all sort of components of which some can potentially cause environmental harms if it is discharged. Thus, the discharge of produced water is strictly regulated. One of the key parameters that generally require to be measured for regulatory compliance monitoring and reporting purpose is the content of oil in produced water.

This webinar, presented by Dr Ming Yang, will provide an introduction to the subject of produced water and its oil content measurement.

The webinar aims to:

  • Increase delegates’ knowledge and understanding of produced water and oil in produced water measurement.
  • Provide a general introduction to produced water, its regulatory requirements, management options, treatment technologies, definitions of oil in produced water, measurement methods and uncertainties.
  • Highlight our Joint Industry Project on the subject using online oil-in-water analysers for produced water discharge reporting.

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