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Like many industries, the oil and gas industry striving for a faster return on investment (ROI). At the same time, large oilfields are very seldomly discovered nowadays. This means investing in a field development with multiple partners, and under such a scheme, more and more tiebacks are used, either offshore or onshore with existing facilities.
It is now a commingled product, with portions belonging to various partners, that is subsequently sold at a fiscal point and taxed accordingly. However, all partners want to be sure they get their correct share in a transparent, fair and equitable business. To enable this, allocation is a crucial process.

Finally, networks (connected pipelines) are becoming more and more complex, and the type of devices used is very versatile. Experts in metrology are essential to establish or calculate the uncertainty of each device, provide an excellent understanding of PVT and to employ their comprehensive knowledge of allocation techniques to the unique set of challenges.

Whatever effort you have made on development, if you overlook allocation, you run the risk of significant financial exposure, oftentimes stretching to billions of dollars over the lifetime of the field. Join Dr Bruno Pinguet on a journey, from understanding the theory, to learning from practical and challenging case studies. This webinar will be an introduction to the topic for some but a perfect refresher for others.

This webinar will focus on:

  • Different allocation systems
  • Allocation by-difference
  • Proportional-based allocation
  • Uncertainty-based allocation
  • Data validation


Bruno Pinguet
International Marketing & Technical Manager

Dr Bruno Pinguet is one of the world's leading experts in multiphase flow measurement and research and has extensive international experience in the area of multiphase flow measurement, recognised as a world authority on this topic. He has over 140 scientific publications and a number of patents to his name.

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