how local carbon emissions are verified

How local carbon emissions are verified, and future improvements become visible through validation



In the global fight against climate change, many nations are already committed to reduce energy consumption and have set ambitious goals to minimize carbon emissions. To achieve net zero targets, there must be significant decarbonisation and a substantial change will be required in the way energy is generated, stored, transported, and consumed.


LCA, CFP, PCFP, etc. is not all that TÜV SÜD Group can offer in the field of “decarbonization”. With veriX TÜV SÜD compares a BASELINE (status quo; past) with one or more PROJECTLINE(s) (planned status; future) and can confirm the respective development path of the planned CO2 reduction to the customers. Customers can anticipate planned changes (and associated investment) and do not have to wait to evaluate operational changes with the rear-view mirror.


So far veriX services include: veriSteel, -glass, -cast, -aluminum, -chem, -pharma, -recycle, -retail and we already have ideas for many more. 



  • The difference between global approaches (CFP/LCA) and the local approach of veriSteel 
  • VeriX as a new parameter for project development (in addition to project costs and project deadlines, CO2 savings can also be shown on a project-specific basis).

About the SPEAKERs:

Sonia LeggSonia Legg

Webinar Host

A former broadcast journalist and television presenter who has worked for the BBC and Independent television in the UK. Sonia was also the Business Television Editor at Reuters international news agency for more than a decade, covering all the major global business stories post the financial crash. Now also a presentation skills consultant working with TÜV SÜD and others. Sonia will skilfully guide our speaker through this online event.



Pascal GaillotPascal Gaillot  

TÜV SÜD Expert

As an engineer, Pascal Gaillot has over 17 years of experience in the construction and plant engineering industries and has been part of the core team of the new veriX product family since January 1, 2021 and has been a key contributor to the product development, market readiness and strategy of veriX.

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