GMA into Thailand market

Global Market Access: Selling Your Product To The World



Bringing electrical and electronic products to market in different countries is complicated as most countries want some evidence of compliance with their own national regulations to prove that the product is safe for their consumers. You may already have IEC, EU, or FCC certification in place thanks to TÜV SÜD or another testing partner, which provides access to the US and the European Union. Unfortunately, often this will not allow you access to every market without obtaining additional certifications first.

This webinar aims to provide manufacturers planning to sell their product outside of the EU or US markets for the first time with a high-level overview of what Global Market Access (GMA) means for them. It may also be helpful for manufacturers wanting to refresh their knowledge of GMA requirements.


  • Global requirements beyond EU and US
  • CB Scheme and GMA Safety requirements
  • Global Marking requirements
  • Approaches to GMA
  • Importance of considering GMA in early product design stages

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